Full Shifting service for residency: Home, Flat, Room, and Commercial moving solutions all at one place.

Home Shifting Service in Nepal

Got a new job and have to shift your home, room, or flat to a new place?

Moving from an existing living place to a new place can be tedious for you to manage; with safety concerns of your belongings, time constrains, finding right vehicle for transportation, packing, loading, rearranging belongings and such.

That's where we come in to assist your domestic and international house moving needs with professional experience of about 7 years.

Quick Movers and Packers Nepal has been providing professional home shifting services for almost a decade now.

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Why Choose Quick Movers and Packers Nepal for professional shifting services?

Through years of experience and observations, we are able to closely understand how it feels and what it means for you to move to a new place.
This has helped us to revise and rectify our methods to provide reliable, trustworthy, safe and secure, and on time shifting services to our clients.Not only our methods are improved but also the way we hire and train our teams have also changed; we take our time to groom our employee's professionalism and soft skills

Whether you are relocating yourself with in kathmandu Valley, or from one district to another district with in Nepal, or Internationally to other countries from Nepal, or from other countries to Nepal. We have got you covered with all of your shifting Needs.


When Relocating clients, Quick Movers and Packers Nepal not only considers moving client's belongings safely, securely, and timely but also making the process cost efficient by assigning right type of vehicles, allocating right number of team members, formulating right strategy for packingand unpacking, loading and unloading your belongings whether its a short distance move or long distance.

Hire our home shifting team, sit back and watch, we will take care of everything making it hassel free.

Quick Movers and Packers Nepal is an excellent choice to look over while shifting room near Kathmandu valley and other major cities. We assure full assistance in the whole episode of moving your home appliance and other valuable properties.

How you can shift your House, Room, Flat hiring professional Movers and Packers?

You will be assisted with your episode of shifting and moving in part or fully. Based on your needs talk to your house shifting company so that they can understand your shifting needs. After analyzing your necessities they will come up with the best shifting strategy and proper assistance to make your relocation process hassel-free.

Our Home Shifting process

Our residential shifting ways are professional, and other shifting companies will have similar shifting process as well.

Feedback following your Inquiry:

After you make your inquiry, our team analyze your needs to give you essential information regarding how the shifting will be carried our, time required to complete shifting, right vehicle for transportation, number of team members assisting your shifting, cost and answer all of your queries if any.

Allocating resources after agreement:

We arrange the required resources shortly after the you agree to use our shifting services. Thereafter a team is assigned with the task and responsibility to assist your house shifting as aggreed.

House Shifting takes place:

Our team will be on the field for shifting on the agreed date/time for shifting.
The shifting takes places in 5 different stages:
  • Packing ItemsThey will pack your goods properly in premium quality packing materials and boxes
  • Loading Items to VehiclesAfter packing is done, our team will load your goods and precious belongings onto the truck, van or other appopriate vehicle.
  • Transport your items to your new home:The vehicle will will take your assets and belongings to your new home or apartment.
  • Unloading and Unpacking ItemsOur team will unload your items from the truck and unpack everything on your new home.
  • Help with Furniture, Kitchen and Rooms Rearrangements:
  • Our team will help you rearrange your furnitures, kitchen and rooms as needed

Warm Goodbye:

After making sure all of your items are shifted properly to your new house and seeing you feel settled, we bid a warm goodbye wishing you luck.

Looking forward to assisting with your move again in the future.